Are you a young person under the age of 25 who sells or has sold sexual services? Do you want to get involved in your community? Are you interested in managing an annual and monthly budget to organize activities, projects and events? You want to share your thoughts and opinions? This project is for you! 

WHY the PIaMP Board?  PIaMP wants YOU to be involved! We want you to be involved in the decisions that are made at the organization; to know better the needs, opinions and ideas of your community; to organize activities, projects and events that meet your needs and desires! In short, we want the organization to look like YOU!

How DOES the PIaMP Council work?  It consists of one meeting per month at the PIaMP offices (check our calendar); a flexible 4-7 format where meals and bus tickets are provided. According to our budget, we all decide together what we do each month: activities, projects, open letter, events, recommendations for the organization, etc.

What are the powers of the Board?

DECISION making : budgeting; determining he activities to do each month (self-defense workshop, legal rights workshops, organization of meals, spa day, etc.); you set up different projects (artistic projects, workshop creation, podcasts, etc.); you can arrange the youth room. It’s YOU who decides!

Power of PARTICIPATION : If you wish, you can participate in: the organization’s various awareness projects; the development of content for social networks; the planning of the organization’s actions and services.

Power of RECOMMENDATION : You will be able to make recommendations to the Board of Directors and our organizational team on political positions; on ways to reach your community; on decisions related to the services offered by the organization; on the needs of your community and how to meet them. We are listening to YOU!

Who are the facilitators of the Council? The Youth Council is co-facilitated by Lola our peer helper and Jeanne, PIaMP’ social worker. 

Interested? Contact us at 438-508-3289