Talk to a social worker

The Piamp provides support and lends an empathetic ear to parents and friends of people who exchange or are at risk of exchanging sexual services for any form of compensation.

As with the guidance offered to young people, the services for friends and family members are personalized to the specific needs of the person. Our services can be provided on an as-needed or regular basis and can take different forms:

  • one-on-one meetings,
  • meetings with a couple or a family,
  • guidance for health and social services,
  • personalized referrals,
  • and more.

If you’re a relative or friend who needs to talk, get answers to different questions, share your fears in a non-judgmental space or get referrals to other services, the PIaMP is here for you. You can reach our social workers by phone, text message or email.

Social workers


Office: 514-284-1267
Cell: 438-502-1267


Office: 514-284-1267


Office: 514-284-1267
Cell: 438-508-3289