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What is a prostitute ?

The strict definition of a prostitute refers to a person offering sexual services (physical sexual relations, sexual images and videos, erotic massages) in exchange for payment, which can take many forms such as money, goods, or services.

Engaging in prostitution has been (and still is) frowned upon in society. The terms “prostitute” and “prostitution” often carry a negative and demeaning connotation. Accordingly, many people selling sexual services prefer to refer to their activities as “sex work” and prefer to be referred to as “sex workers”. One thing is for sure, no one is in a better position to define their own practice and the associated terminology than the person themselves. 

Let’s be honest: it is also possible that you have heard or even used the term “whore” to insult someone. Very often, this term is used to refer to people who have sex, flirt, act seductively, or wear revealing clothing that can be considered “sexy”. If “whore” is used as an insult, it is because it echoes the taboos and negativity associated with sex work. This term should be avoided, except by those who reclaim it.

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